Amira Mountassir

Musician, blogger, chemical engineer

Amira has been singing since she could walk and playing the piano since she was around 12 years old. Her family has always been active in music. Some may know the Gräsbeck family from their work in choir and classical music, though the younger generation has become more active in other areas of music.

Today Amira plays music from different genres: everything from Edith Piaf to some funkier songs in six different languages. Amira’s musical education has been based on lessons with her mother Yvonne Gräsbeck and her grandmother La Vonne Gräsbeck.

Playing music has always been a part of the lifestyle that consists of performances in various events: all from parties and weddings to festivals in Denmark. These days Amira plays different covers, but she also writes her own music, which will be published later.

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